How To Find Ink Cartridges Cheap

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Business

It is the goal of almost everyone who owns a computer to find a way to keep their printer filled with ink without breaking the bank. Ink is notoriously expensive, sometimes costing as much as or more than the printer itself. While most consumers are aware that there are cheaper alternatives available online, it can be hard to figure out the best places to shop from, and which ones to avoid. Here are a few tips on how to find ink cartridges cheap, to help ease the financial burden of printing costs.

Ask Your Frugal Friend

Everyone has a friend who seems to excel at finding sales, cutting costs, and saving money. When you start your search for cheaper ink for your printer, ask your frugal friend how he or she buys ink. They have most likely already found a cheaper alternative to buying their ink full price, and may even be able to give you a few other cost-cutting tips as well.

Talk To Small Business Owners

Small businesses, especially those run by one or two individuals, are always hunting for ways to cut costs while still providing the best possible service. In doing so, they may already have found a reputable ink provider who sells the product at a lower cost. Chat with the office manager the next time you visit your doctor or chiropractor and ask about the ink they use. Chances are, they are likely able to help.

Check With Your Own Workplace

While you may rely on a computer and printer at your own job, you may not know where the ink is purchased from. Speak with the office manager or the staff member in charge of ordering supplies to ask about the ink that is used. That individual may be purchasing the ink at a low cost, and can recommend the service or supplier to you.

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