How Switching to Long-Lasting Timing Belts Can Improve Project Results

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Biz Exclusive

Belt-driven machines and equipment need to be implemented with timing belts that are able to withstand rigorous use. It means finding timing belts made from materials proven to last without becoming warped or broken or undergoing other types of material and design failure. Gates MXL timing belts allow you to choose long-lasting materials and customize the size you order.

Less Slip and Belt Failure

Critical and sensitive testing equipment that uses belt drives for operation needs to be set up with a timing belt designed for smooth operation. Choose a belt product that grips well and won’t get sloppy on the job. Pinching, slipping, binding, stretching and breaking all cause a failure of the belt, which brings your testing to an immediate halt. Use belts that are made to grip the gears and keep movement at a steady pace.

Durable Materials and Construction

Timing belts made with Kevlar, urethane, polyester urethane, steel, or any combination of materials will be long-lasting when used on a routine basis. You can have timing belts constructed with the right materials that retain their shape through increased temperatures and use. It helps protect the money you invest in keeping your equipment operational.

Customize Belt Length for Your Prototype Equipment

Imagine the convenience of being able to choose a customized size timing belt to fit your exact specifications with prototype equipment. Gates MXL timing belts come in a variety of materials, and you can choose the dimension to either the standard or metric length needed. The increased flexibility allows you to create the equipment you need to get the results that make a difference in your project. Never compromise on the quality and fit for your timing belts again.

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