The History of Massage Therapy

by | May 23, 2018 | Business

It’s no secret that a good massage can provide plenty of physical and mental release for overall wellness. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, or you have a lot of stress-induced tension in your shoulders, a massage from a highly skilled professional can make you feel as good as new again!

In truth, the art of the massage has been around forever. A brief history of the history of massage therapy can help you understand how massage has become such an important healing technique used in all cultures across the globe.

The First References to Massage

The first hints of massage therapy appeared in ancient writings across East Asia and the Middle East, particularly in China, Japan, India, and Egypt. It was also being practiced in Ancient Greece, as a popular form of healing in the Mediterranean world.

By the Middle Ages, massages were being used across Europe as an elevated form of healing, one that would be sought out by royals and nobles of all cultures.

Massage Therapy as a Profession

It wasn’t until 1850 that massage therapy was introduced to the United States as a profession. In fact, it was introduced by two American doctors who visited Sweden and studied the art of the massage there. It became widely popular in the United States, and it was further examined by the medical community to determine the physical health benefits of receiving a massage.

Massage Therapy Popularity

Today, massage therapy is as popular as ever, and the profession is ever growing. Although interest in the treatment dwindled during the early 20th century, it was renewed by athletes and physicians who needed ways to recover swiftly and deeply from a variety of different injuries. It was picked up again by hospitals and physicians who were interested in incorporating it into a variety of other medical practices.

The Purpose of Massage Today

Massages are mostly used today to provide health and wellness benefits. The most common uses of massages include:

  • Pain relief
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Stress reduction
  • General rest and relaxation techniques

Massage therapy is an ancient and powerful healing tool, and it isn’t going away any time soon. You have the power to take advantage of this ancient secret, call your local massage therapy spa in Carrollwood today!

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