Five Surprisingly Simple Steps To Unclogging Your Inkjet Cartridge

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Business

Inkjet cartridges do have the tendency to clog up at the most inconvenient of times. Since cartridge ink has a tendency to dry out after lengthy periods of idleness, it is an absolute must for inkjet owners to learn how to unclog their own cartridges. Those pesky clogs mean wasted ink, and wasted ink means wasted money. But, don’t let that clogged up cartridge get your printer down! Luckily, the sure-fire solution is only five surprisingly simple steps away.

Protect Your Hands

Only attempt to remove cartridge clogs once you’ve donned a pair of rubber gloves. Removal methods vary from one printer to another, so make sure to read through your printer’s manual first.

Protect Your Surfaces

Gently place the ink cartridge upon a paper towel. This will absorb any residual mess, as well as prevent any eventual ink from leaking over surfaces.

Mix Up Your De-Clogging Solution

Use a plastic bowl or container to mix up equal parts rubbing alcohol and hot water. There has to be enough of the solution to cover the entire cartridge head opening.

Let That Cartridge Soak

Allow the cartridge to soak in your homemade unclogging agent, but make sure that the printer head is pointed down. This will ensure that any clogs, or other gunky stuff, will eventually loosen up off the head opening. As well, any old, dried up ink will then liquefy and dissolve away. After a good 30-minute soak remove the cartridge, then rub away any loosened up ink debris using a clean cotton swab.

Let That Cartridge Sit

Now, allow your cleaned cartridge to air dry by placing it upon a fresh pile of paper towels. Lastly, and most importantly, make sure your cleaned up cartridge has completely dried before attempting to reinstall it into the printer. Absolutely, do not rush this step. Keep in mind that a wet inkjet cartridge will make a huge mess!

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