What to Expect From a Private Plane Rental in Fort Myers, FL

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Aircraft

In recent years more consumers than ever have been joining the ranks of the rich and famous and booking trips on private jets. For those who have never flown in a Private Plane Rental in Fort Myers FL, the idea of taking this kind of luxurious trip can be both exciting and intimidating. Read on to find out what to expect.

Less Time on the Ground

It’s not uncommon for commercial airlines to insist that their customers arrive as much as two hours in advance of their flights to work their way through security lines and congested airport terminals. When chartering a private plane, travelers can expect to spend very little time on the ground before boarding. In fact, most of the time, travelers who have booked a Private Plane Rental in Fort Myers FL won’t have to struggle with the crowds in normal terminals at all but will instead be sent to the operator’s private terminal.

Flexible Scheduling

There’s no need for making plans around existing flights or settling for arriving someplace new in the early hours of the morning. When chartering a private jet, travelers can typically create their own timetables. Of course, these may need to be tweaked slightly as their trips progress due to flight conditions and other concerns, but generally speaking, the time for takeoff is determined by the passengers rather than the company

Onboard Catering

It’s often possible to specify what cuisine travelers would like with their charter companies in advance, allowing them to take advantage of much better fare than traditional airline passengers. Meals are generally served according to flight times and there is often a full complimentary bar on-board.

Impeccable Standards

The pilots who fly charter jets have been through the exact same training as commercial pilots. These pilots must also go through the same security vetting procedures and must adhere to the same industry standards as commercial pilots. In fact, the job of flying private planes is often a sought-after position, so many of the pilots working for these charter companies are leaders within their industries.

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