Enhance Your Brand’s Recognition on the Orlando, Florida, Trade Show Floor

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Trade Show Services

Trade shows are the ultimate to showcasing your brand, goods and services to potential customers and competition. They are also a great way to respectfully gauge your market position in relation to other brands. The first rule of trade shows is: Put together the most outstanding, unique, gorgeous, interactive booth that you can.

Very Big is Never Too Big

When it comes to trade show booths, size matters. On the lower end of the spectrum, a 10×10 trade show booth is typical of first-timers and small-to-medium, local businesses just looking to get their feet wet. Trade show veterans know that a 20×20 trade show booth or larger is the optimal size for making the kind of impact that attracts attention from customers and B2B prospects.

A 20×20 trade show booth is large enough to impress, but it isn’t so big that it’s too much for you to manage. With an endless variety of layouts and constructions to choose from, a larger trade show booth boasts plenty of space for multiple counters, display walls, signage, interactive media centers and roomy pathways to accommodate trade show foot traffic.

How to Build the Ultimate Trade Show Booth

Selecting a show stopping trade show booth has never been easier, thanks to Rockway Exhibits + Events. We assist you with every part of the process, offering an array of services along the way. For example, we offer many 20×20 booth options to suit every budget, business type, brand identity and trade show.

Explore rentals, inline displays, islands, portable and modular displays. We also feature ready-made outdoor displays and fabric structures. You may also opt for a custom trade show booth, which allows you to partner with our design team to fabricate a strategic, brand-specific booth that we can then help you store, transport, erect and break down after each trade show.

If you are looking to make an impact at your next event, browse through our 20×20 trade show booth gallery and other trade show booth possibilities at Sitename.

We are Orlando, Florida’s, leading supplier of rentals and custom trade show booths as well as a suite of trade show booth services, from needs assessment and strategy to logistics and hands-on trade show floor assistance.

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