Does Quality Really Matter for Dog Food?

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Pet Care

When you buy your dog’s food, you are faced with an endless array of choices. Brightly colored packaging promises delicious formulas with gravy, meaty kibble, and other things your dog is sure to love – how are you supposed to pick? And then you start reading the labels and realize that there are some big differences in the food that is available. Should you choose a high-quality dog food with organic ingredients and fancy protein sources like wild-caught trout? Or should you stick with the gravy-covered kibble that your dog gobbles up? Here’s what you need to know.

Quality Ingredients Do Matter, and Here’s Why

The fact is that the better quality you can get, the healthier your dog will be. A high-quality food like Earthborn dog food, will offer the most nutrients, and will provide those nutrients in the most natural way. This means your dog’s body will be able to soak up the nutrients and digest them properly.

This matters, because many dogs have more delicate systems than you know. Some breeds are very predisposed to digestion issues, skin issues, and allergy issues, which are all exacerbated by their diet. And the older your dog gets, the harder it is for their bodies to tolerate poor quality food. If your dog is very active, they need high quality ingredients to protect their active bodies. And if your dog is already in poor health, high-quality dog food can help them have a more comfortable life.

What Ingredients Should Be in Quality Dog Food?

The exact ingredients in your dog’s food don’t matter has much as the ratio of nutrients. The first ingredient in any dog food should be animal protein. Whether you choose beef, chicken, fish, lamb, turkey, or other proteins is totally up to you and your dog. The next ingredients should be plant matter, and there should not be many carbohydrate fillers in a dog food. Earthborn dog food is one that is recommended because it represents the perfect balance of nutrients, made from high-quality ingredients, for a dog. Be sure to consider your dog’s age and activity level when choosing their dog food. Go for a puppy formula or an active formula with more calories per serving if your dog is young or very energetic.

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