Document Attestation for Kuwait and Other Middle East Countries

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Legal Services

If you require document attestation for Kuwait or another country, you need a company that is trained and trusted to perform this service.

Documentation attestation

is another word for authentication. It is commonly required for both personal and commercial documents. Different countries have different requirements for documentation attestation, so it is important to work with a service that understands the needs of your particular country.

What is Included in the Attestation Process

There is a specific procedure required to authenticate documents. This includes receiving a Secretary of State certification, a US Department of State certification, and legalization of the documents from foreign Embassies in the US.

There are a variety of types of documents that may require attestation. They include transcripts, diplomas, powers of attorney, and birth and marriage certificates. Commercial documents that may require attestation include invoices, certificates of origin, articles of incorporation, and certificates of good standing.

When you need document attestation for Kuwait or other countries, you can send the documents through the postal service, UPS, FEDEX, or your carrier of preference. The attestation service will send them on to the intended location once the attestation process is complete.

As you can see, the document attestation process is not easy. There are strict requirements in place for your documents to be accepted as authenticated. If you need attestation services, it is important to work with an experienced authentication service. Your documents are important, and you want to ensure they are accepted when they arrive at their destination. Contact the professionals at US Authentication Services today to get the process started.

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