Dishwashing Detergent is a Huge NO: Using Car Wash Detergent in San Antonio TX to Rid of Contaminants

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Janitorial Equipment Supplier

Like many popular myths in culture, some do not seem to go away. Using dishwasher detergent to clean a car is perhaps the most nefarious of them all. Dishwashing detergent is designed to strip a surface of everything. That includes next-to-nothing in most dishes, except when dishes are hand-painted. That can dilute the overall color of the plate, and it is not advised.

Keeping the Paint Clean-ish

That is a general knowledge for many people who clean dishes, but the same applies to the car. The paint of the car may be slowly degraded with dishwashing detergent. The detergent will strip away subtle polymers in the paint. It may make the car appear squeaky clean, but it is on the wrong presumption. The look is achieved while stripping away polymers, which is what keeps the paint slightly wet. It speeds up oxygenation in the vehicle, ultimately weakening the integrity of the paint.

That Tender Loving Feeling of Sandpaper

Sandpaper may be one of the worst feelings ever (the above statement is pure irony). Many people use Car Wash Detergent in San Antonio TX to remove that sandpaper feeling, but they are often using the wrong scrub. The contaminants may still appear even after the car is cleaned. The reason is that the contaminants stick tight to the surface. A typical washing will miss them. Though the car appears wonderfully clean, it is coated with rough debris and particles that create surface texture. More debris will accumulate if there is more debris on the vehicle for it to accumulate on. In other words, it is like a snowball rolling down the hill.

Matera San Antonio TX is a resource in the state for Car Wash Detergent in San Antonio TX. The product is only part of the solution. How that product is used is really the tool for a great clean car. Cleaning a car is inarguably a cosmetic concern. But, it can decrease the value of the car in a trade. It can make business professionals look a little less professional. Hygiene is wonderful for obvious reasons. Car hygiene has the same effects.

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