Digital Libraries: The New Frontier

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Business

Merriam-Webster defines a library as a place where music, artistry, literary, and other reference materials are kept for use, but not for sale. A conventional library houses physical books, manuscripts, and all forms of written texts. So, you can consider it as the “internet of old” because it was the only place where you can find recorded resources and information back in the day. But, modern technology is making traditional library obsolete as it makes information more available to the masses anywhere they are. Nowadays, the internet can get you all the information you need with a few taps on the keyboard and clicks on the mouse. Who would have thought that e-libraries or digital libraries would someday exist? And, it’s so easy to get an e-library subscription these days.

What is a Digital Library?

Libraries have always played a crucial role in most communities, especially in the academic institution. It is the best place to get information on anything and everything under the sun, after all. Although you can consider the internet as one giant library in general, the information are still scattered. Digital libraries like Astria Digital Library have been revolutionizing the way information are housed in one virtual space, and how people access online academic information and resources.

An e-library subscription may be needed for most digital libraries, but most subscriptions are quite affordable. Some e-libraries even give free trials. It’s a great space where faculty and students can engage in a collaborative learning experience with each other.

Final Thoughts

Libraries have been called the “house of writing” throughout the ages. They started as a place for scholars to collaborate and get their information as early as 3200BC. Who knew that modern technology would take it this far? With books online to read, learning has never been this easy and fun.

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