Creative bathroom cabinet ideas

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

In the past bathrooms had very limited storage space, there was usually a small medicine cabinet with a mirror face above the sink and perhaps the sink was inset into a type of vanity; all of that has changed, bathroom cabinetry in Pittsburgh now includes such clever use of space as behind the door storage, units built over the toilet as well as judiciously mounted rails, hooks, and shelves.

It is nice to have a large bathroom but having a small bath does not necessarily mean that you cannot accommodate your storage needs, there is no end to creativity when it comes to making do with what you have. Old style vanities took up far more floor space than they needed to provide the limited amount of space they offered, knowing this turn your attention to the unused surfaces in the room.

Take a look at the existing medicine cabinet; chances are it is very small, designed to fit between a pair of vertical studs. Forget this idea, today custom bath and kitchen cabinets are available that take little extra space but provide a great deal more storage. A wall-mounted cabinet above the sink can be three feet tall and two feet wide, there is no need to sink it between studs, it can be mounted directly to the wall. These cabinets invariably have adjustable shelves to accommodate whatever it is the homeowner wishes to store.

Modern vanities can be quite small, designed to accommodate free standing sinks that need far less space than inset sinks. If the bathroom is spacious of course the vanity can make good use of it, the vanity can have a long top with “his and her” sinks; the base unit can be designed with shelves and drawers.

A very effective design strategy, especially useful for smaller bathrooms is to fully utilize the space above the toilet. These cabinets are shallow, perhaps eight or nine inches deep as there is a need to leave adequate headroom, but even though they are shallow does not mean they cannot provide much needed space. Often this type of cabinet often incorporates a towel rod, the space is ideal for small hand towels.

Homeowners that are ready to remodel their bathrooms will find that Business Name offer an amazing array of bathroom cabinetry in Pittsburgh. There are bathroom cabinets available that meet every need, taste and budget.

Well designed and manufactured bathroom cabinetry in Pittsburgh is an absolute necessity if your bath is going to live up to its potential. To discuss your bathroom remodeling project in detail you are invited to contact Patete Kitchens & Bath Design Center.

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