Why You Should Consider Canvas Framing In Sydney

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Picture Frame Shop

Many people have canvases of paintings that have been kept in the family as heirlooms. You may have also considered purchasing these paintings from up-and-coming talent. However, once you get the piece, many wonder if they should consider canvas framing in Sydney. In most cases, it will need to be stretched first. For some, that is plenty, and the sides look well, so it can be displayed without a frame. However, there may be times when you should frame it.

The Picture Ends At The Edge

When your painting or drawing ends at the very edge of the piece, you may want to consider having it framed. Canvas framing in Sydney can help to keep the edges safe and secure, as well as give it a complete look. However, when the picture continues over the edge, you may choose to leave it unframed to showcase how the piece continues.

Consider Its Location

In places like museums, frames may not be required because they rarely let in outside influences. Likewise, they may keep them in cases to keep them intact, and away from greasy fingers. But in homes where people use tobacco products, it may be wise to consider canvas framing in Sydney. The piece won’t get smoke damaged or turn yellow, and will be beautiful for years to come.

It Completes The Look/Style

Many believe that the only reason to use a frame is to finish the look the artist was hoping to achieve. In most cases, people never consider canvas framing in Sydney if it wasn’t already done by the painter. However, you may worry about the structure and look of the piece without the frame, and the potential for damage to the canvas. A framing company can help you determine if one is needed.

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