Common Myths about Bike Care

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Business

Whether preparing for dual-sports bike events, or just taking it for an afternoon ride, your bike needs to be properly maintained at all times. There are many different ways you have to take care of your bike, from tune-ups, to fluid maintenance, to keeping your tires filled with enough air etc. So naturally, many tips and tricks have surfaced about how to make it easier on yourself. But are these tips really all that effective? If you are confused as to which tips and commonly traded tricks are real and which ones aren’t, read on to find out which ones fit the latter category.

You Should Degrease New Bike Chains

Simply put, if you get a new bike chain, it doesn’t need to be degreased. It’s often claimed that you need to do this because the grease that comes in the package you got the chain in doesn’t measure up to what you usually use and generally isn’t good to ride with. This is simply untrue, as it’s impractical to ship a bike chain with grease that doesn’t work. True, “stock” lube, as it’s called, isn’t as effective, but it’s still perfectly usable by bike grease standards. So if you’re worried about the grease that your chain came with, don’t be, just hook it on and start riding.

You Can Clean Your Bike with a Power Washer

Unless your sponsors have just outfitted your bike with brand new bearings, this is a very, very bad idea. Power washers are not called such for the fun of it. Water is a powerful element, especially when applied with immense force. And the force in which it’s applied through a power washer is enough to strip the paint off of a car, so rest assured that your bike won’t stand a chance. If your bike is well and truly filthy, then a hose and some scrubbing cloths will do the job just fine on their own.

Grease is Interchangeable

This is incredibly, and potentially dangerously, untrue. Not all grease is the same, and thinking otherwise can potentially damage your bike, which can in turn damage YOU if you aren’t careful when riding it. There’s grease for your chain, which is not the same as the grease for your rear freehub, which is definitely not the same as the grease used for your suspension and brakes. You need to read, and heed, the labels on the bottles of grease.

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