Why More Business Owners Are Making The Switch From Traditional Phone Service To VOIP IN Hawaii

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Telecommunications

One of the most critical tools a company uses on a daily basis is its phone system, as it helps to connect employees to one another and ensures that consumers have the option of speaking directly to a representative should they have an issue. The problem is that paying for a phone system and the service required for its operation is a significant expense. The introduction of highspeed internet has led to the invention of phone services that offer a variety of benefits through the use of VOIP in Hawaii.

Advanced Calling Features

A traditional phone system provides calling features via a dedicated phone server, which is not only cumbersome and expensive to set up but is costly to maintain. A VOIP based system offers all of these benefits plus scalability without the addition of equipment, which saves money and increases employee efficiency. Whether a company needs an auto attendant, private voicemail boxes, or enhanced conference calling capabilities, internet-based services deliver each of them at an affordable price.

HD Voice and Video

As faster internet speeds become available companies that provide VOIP in Hawaii offer a greater level of service to their customers. The introduction of high definition voice and video allows a company to connect with an outside party and experience a phone conversation in a whole new light. A customized solution will give employees a reliable telephone connection and enhance communication company-wide.

Unprecedented Reliability

Many business owners are leery of switching to VOIP service because they fear that the new technology will not offer the same reliability. While in its early stages internet-based phone services struggled with dependability, most now provide 99% uptime. To further address issues some service providers have a dedicated broadband line that serves as the primary gateway for all telephone communication which eliminates problems associated with buffering and dropped calls.

The internet is changing the way companies communicate. Envision Networked Solutions is a leading provider of bespoke VOIP solutions and makes it easy for any company to get a reliable phone system for an affordable price. Visit Envisionns.com to learn more about the options available, and take the first step in reducing expenses while improving overall call quality and reliability.

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