How Burglar Alarms Deter Theft

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Fire and Security

Crime is on the rise and businesses must secure valuable inventory and protect their employees. It’s important to recognize how burglar alarms in Louisville, KY, can help deter this theft.

Local Alarms vs. Monitored Alarms: Knowing the Difference

Do you need a local alarm or a monitored alarm for your home or business? There is a big difference.

A local alarm will be audible. When triggered, your intruder will hear the alarm, as will anyone else within the immediate vicinity of your home. It will sometimes set off a flashing light to alert others there is a problem at your home. This usually frightens a burglar because the last thing they want is attention brought to them while they are trying to burglarize your home or business. Once the local alarm is triggered, the would-be burglar usually flees empty handed.

A monitored alarm will notify the central station working with your alarm company who will dispatch the proper authority. A monitored alarm is most likely silent with no flashing light. The alarm service company will notify the police the alarm has been triggered so the proper authorities can respond to the call. This type of alarm system is successful in catching burglars in the act and usually ends up with an arrest.

Motion Detectors and Door Contacts

Motion detectors detect motion within a specified area. This device is a good way to monitor activity at your home or business. Door contacts allow you to know if someone has entered a perimeter door while the alarm is set. Integrated with video surveillance for verification, it can help provide a full description of intruders for law enforcement to make a positive identification of a burglar. Burglar alarms in Louisville, KY can deter theft and help you keep your business or family safe.

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