Benefits of Pet Sitting

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Pet Care

Pets can be like members of the family. They are well loved, but sometimes we need a little bit of help in caring for them. That is why Pet Sitting New York exists. Pet Sitting New York works with you to meet the needs of your pet just as you would do. We are willing to assist with a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, lizards, and rabbits.

If you are going out of town and need someone to just walk your dog, then we are happy to do so. If you have a rambunctious puppy who needs a great deal of socialization and obedience training, we can play with him for several hours and teach him basic obedience commands or tricks. Also, if you have a dog that likes to run, we have runners with whom we can pair your dog so that he receives an appropriate amount of exercise. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and desire to help you care for and enjoy your pet.

While most people choose to hire pet sitting services only when they go on vacation or out of town for work, several of our clients choose to hire us on a daily basis to play with their pets.  The pet owners may work extremely long hours and commute a great distance and lack time during the work week to properly care for or exercise their pet. Yet, they do not wish to get rid of their pet because it is a beloved member of the family. In that situation, we establish a regular schedule and weekly goals that work for everyone involved. Our pet sitting services go beyond just basic services. We aim to help owners care for their pets in a way that assists the enjoyment and contentment of both parties…the owner as well as the pet. A happy, well-exercised pet is a much more content pet and in return, the pet o wner is much more likely to enjoy their pet. Give us a call today and see how we can assist you in the training, exercising, and enjoyment of your pet.

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