The Benefits of Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Document Shredding

When people think about companies offering shredding services, they typically think about companies that destroy old business documentation. While this is part of their services, what people fail to understand is that there are shredding options when it comes to computerized data collection devices as well.

The problem with things such as hard drives, which may have a wide range of sensitive information stored on them, is that wiping those drives may not completely destroy the information. There are extremely ingenious computer-savvy people that can take a hard drive that supposedly was wiped clean and find a wealth of sensitive information to exploit.

In the same way documents are destroyed, shredding companies have special machinery that can take hard drives and completely destroy them. This sort of destruction makes it impossible for anybody to piece together a hard drive and tap into the information it contains.
In addition, also like destroying documents, hard drives can be sent to a central location or, more often, mobile shredding services can come to a business where the hard drives will be delivered to the mobile unit. An employee of the company that needs something destroyed will stand witness to the destruction. Once this is done, the shredding service will provide a certificate of destruction.

With Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles, a business not only will be able to properly deal with sensitive business and client information, they will also avoid any legal issues arising from information being mishandled. Lawsuits happen all the time because a business has been cavalier with their client’s personal information. Destroying hard drives is a great way to give clients peace of mind that their information is no longer recoverable by hackers. In addition, regular destruction of hard drives no longer being used can reduce the cost of liability insurance covering the financial fallout from a data breach.

If your company has hard drives that need to be disposed of, simply wiping them might not be enough. Physically destroying the hard drives may be the only way to ensure the information is safe. That’s why Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles from professional shredding services should be considered.

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