Auto Accident Attorneys In Clarks Summit PA Warn Drivers About Insurance Scams

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Lawyers

Drivers who aren’t careful can become the prey of con artists who operate complex insurance scams. Auto Accident Attorneys Clarks Summit PA are all too familiar with some of the tricks that con artists use on unsuspecting drivers. Criminals who do insurance scams cost insurance companies and their customers a lot of money each year. In some cases, people who are victims of scams have to hire lawyers in order to help them. There is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Drivers can learn the ways that con artists attempt to pull scams. Once they know how things are done, they know what to watch out for.

Understand that scams involving car accidents sometimes involve more than one con artist. Auto accident attorneys Clarks in Summit, PA know that so-called witnesses can sometimes be involved in scams. If a con artist has the help of another person pretending to be a witness, it can make the victim really think they did something wrong. The pressure can get them to settle a claim that they really shouldn’t settle. When things don’t seem right, people should go with their instincts. Some situations just seem too convenient to be true.

On the road, a popular trick played by con artists is to force a collision by appearing friendly. Some con artists will wave their victims into their lanes. When the victim actually attempts to merge into the lane, the con artist will purposely crash into the victims car. Naturally, the con artist will deny that they signaled that the other driver could merge into the lane. This is a very successful trick because it really does make the victim look like they were at fault. The same trick can be used in parking lots. A person might wave that it’s all clear to pull out of a parking space, and then another car suddenly appears and is struck by the vehicle pulling out of the parking space. Again, it looks like the victim was careless.

People who need help with any auto accidents should contact John T. O’Malley Attorney At Law or another lawyer for assistance. Lawyers can help people who are victims of staged accidents and who are seeking compensation for injuries.

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