5 Ways to Improve Air Quality

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Business

Rising levels of greenhouse gas concentrations contribute to climate changes, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences says. One way to reduce adverse effects on human health is to reduce vehicle pollution. That’s one of the reasons behind the Smog Check Program in California. Here are other ways you can contribute to cleaner air.

Carpool to work

That’s not always possible or practical. But when it is, then choose this option over driving your car to and from work. This can reduce the number of car emissions generated in the atmosphere. Fewer vehicles on the highway can lead to a higher impact on pollutant levels in the air.

Practice good vehicle maintenance

Cars in bad shape work their components and systems much, much harder. A badly-failing engine, for instance, will generate greater emission levels. Keeping your car in tip-top shape can help reduce the number of harmful gases in the air. It’s also going to help your car pass that Star Smog Check in Vacaville.

Go for regular tune-ups

It’s easy to forget about maintenance schedules when you have a full plate to deal with yourself. Don’t let this slip through the cracks, though. Set your schedule. Find better ways to remind you to get your car to the repair shop for regular tune-ups. That’s going to help keep your car running smooth and easy on the road.

Buy a new car

Old cars tend to produce higher gas emissions. If you’re driving an old heap around and have the budget to upgrade to a new one, do so. Newer cars produce fewer emissions.

Pick the right station

Use care and caution when you choose a Star Smog station in Vacaville. Check operating hours, credentials and location. Are you near enough to make access easy and convenient? Are the technicians qualified? Is the station certified? Find out.

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