3 Steps to Fixing Your Radon Problems

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Business

High levels of radon in your home expose you to dangerous amounts of radioactive materials. Every time you breathe, you take in a little more of the radioactive gas into your lungs. It’s no surprise that long-term exposure can lead to cancer. Here are 3 important steps on how to fix it:

Find the right contractor/ company

A licensed radon remediation company can provide you with the support and assistance you need. By engaging the services of a reliable remediation company, you can get these problems solved in no time. However, finding competent and reliable ones can be a bit of a challenge. Make sure you look for the basics: a company must be licensed for the work. They must also employ trained, certified technicians and contractors for the job.

Determine the right reduction method

Once you’ve found a reliable radon remediation company or contractor to help you, the next thing you should focus on is finding the right method to reduce or eliminate radon content in your home. There are plenty of strategies that you can go for. Simple repairs and sealing off any leaks in your pipes or foundation can prevent radon gas from infiltrating your home. The same could be said for installing a mitigation system. For better results, hire a pro to handle the installation. Improving the air flow in your crawl space by opening the vents in your exterior crawl space is another option.

Maintain the system

Installing a radon mitigation system and hoping for the best isn’t the smart way to move forward with the problem. Once you have a radon reduction system installed, you’ll need to keep tabs on it. Maintain it by regularly replacing the fan or checking warning indicators to make sure the system is running without any problems. It would also be a good idea to retest your home every 2 years, according to Rutgers, to make sure radon levels stay low. For more information, contact the professionals at S.W.A.T. Environmental and set up an appointment.

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