3 Key Points To Address Before Renting Your First New York Trade Show Booth

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Trade Show Services

Your company is about to participate in a trade show for the very first time. The decision’s already made to arrange a trade show booth rental New York for this event. Now you need to do some research before actually renting the booth. Here are three areas that you need to address in advance if you want to rent the right type of booth.

Understand How Much Space You’re Allotted For The Booth

Find out how much space the venue is setting aside for your trade show booth. Many settings will have 10×10 or larger spaces available. Once you know how much space there is to work with, it will be easy to determine which option would be best.

Consider The Features That Would Make The Booth More Attractive

You have some graphics already, but what else would make your trade show booth rental New York more attractive to those attending the event? Perhaps you want to make sure lighting is included, or selecting certain colors for the panels. Maybe pop-up displays that one person can set up in 30 minutes or less would be a good idea. Remember the goal is to combine function with appearance so there’s a better chance of everything going smoothly.

Determine How the Rental Will Get To And From The Exhibit Space

Where’s the event taking place? If it’s near your place of business, you may want to have the trade show booth rental New York delivered to the office. That allows you to set everything up and make sure you know what goes where.

Alternatively, if the show is across the country, have it shipped directly to the venue. Do the same with your graphics and printed materials. That ensures everything is on site when you arrive to set up the display.

Your first show will be a learning experience. Once it’s behind you, it’ll be easy to refine your process for renting booths and getting ready for upcoming events.

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