3 Benefits Of ISNetworld Compliance

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Business

The last thing that most contractors or companies want to have to manage is another compliance verification. However, there are some types of services that are streamlined and easy to use, and provide definite advantages to the company.

Many larger companies or Hiring Clients utilize ISNetworld to pre-qualify their preferred contractors.

The basics of obtaining ISNetworld compliance includes a one-time submission of company information, and then submission of quarterly reports on accidents/incidents that occurred during that quarter. Contractors are also required to upload RAVs programs, which are based on Federal and Provincial legislation applicable to the operations that a particular contractor undertakes during regular operations. This information is verified by subject matter experts through a RAVS or Review and Verification Services at ISNetworld, to ensure the contractor meets all of the industry and governmental regulatory requirements.

ISNetworld also requires contractors to upload copies of current Commercial General Liability insurance and proof of a WCB account that is in good standing.

Most hiring clients require their contractors to have a Certificate of Recognition, or COR certificate. Having this certification in place elevates the contractor’s grade in ISNetworld.

Once all this information is verified and the contractor or supplier has achieved ISNetworld compliance, the contractor is listed on the ISNetworld database. Any Hiring Client from anywhere in the world can now select a contractor with confidence in knowing the business if fully compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Increased Marketing Potential

By completing the ISNetworld questionnaire and submitting the required documentation, the verification can be very simple and quickly completed. With the business name on the international listing of contractors, your business has global marketing without any additional work.

Helping To Maintain Standards

If you are using safety consultants, your company is very likely always in compliance. By using the ISNetworld systems, the quarterly reports are streamlined and easy, and they also ensure full compliance with any changes in industry regulations and standards.

Network with Hiring Clients

A unique feature of ISNetworld is the ability to network and interact with Hiring Clients through Users Group Meetings and an annual conference. This is an ideal way for smaller companies in Canada to be able to share new and innovative technology, practices and initiatives with Hiring Clients from around the world. These meetings and conferences are a perfect place to highlight a company and to set yourself apart from other companies in the industry.

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