Why building and maintaining a brand is invaluable in business

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Advertising

Every company knows the priceless value of building a brand and how vital it is that the brand is protected and continues to deliver a specific message to the consumer base. While it can take many years and huge amounts of effort, creativity and money to build a brand, it’s the fear of every company that something can go wrong and the positive mind-set attached to their brand can be wiped out overnight. Of course something serious would need to happen for this to occur, but this is not unheard of in business.

How a scandal can damage a brand
A recent example would be when one of the world’s largest car manufacturers was caught in a massive scandal that showed it had been cheating regulators and had been responsible for exhaust emissions way in excessive of legally allowed limits. This manufacturer has had a brand of reliability, value for money, and superb engineering for many decades. It was often the case the whole families would purchase only this brand of car, and would become advocates for the brand by recommending it to their friends and wider social circle.

When a scandal of the nature discussed above occurs, the damage to the brand is extensive. If people feel that they’ve been tricked or, even worse, if they’ve recommended a product and then discover that it didn’t deliver on its promises, the fall-out can be extreme. Some people who have been loyal to the brand may immediately decide never to touch that brand again. Recovering from this type of damage to a brand is incredibly hard and it will be essential to engage brand management companies that will need to work tirelessly to rebuild trust and loyalty to the specific brand.

How brand management companies work
A marketing campaign is a very important part of building a brand, but the brand needs to have an image that will outlast any marketing effort. The importance of a brand is what stays in the consumer’s mind by being associated with the product or service. It could have something to do with how the company treated the consumer, how well the product worked, or how the service made them feel. Creating a really good customer experience is where the building of loyalty begins. Sometimes promises are made with products that are not necessarily true, but still the consumer believes in the product. For example, would you know whether a particular toothpaste brand prevents cavities or not? Just because a check-up at the dentist gives you a clean bill of health, is that not because you have strong teeth and that another brand of toothpaste would have produced the same results? This is all part of how brand loyalty creates a perceived comfort in the consumer’s mind.

If your brand has been damaged or if you need to enhance your image, you need to consult with a brand management company. Finch Brands has many years of experience and can be contacted for expert input.

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