What to Consider Before Purchasing a Reverse Osmosis Filter System

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Water Filters

If you’re considering getting a reverse osmosis filter system, there are certain factors to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Source of the Water

The first thing to consider is the source water, which will determine the type of system you need. There are two main types of source water in the U.S.:
well water
and city water.

If you’re in the city, the water will most likely come from a local water treatment plant, where the water will be treated prior to channeling into homes. Therefore, this water is often less contaminated than well sources.

Unfortunately, private wells with higher levels of contamination are used to source water for suburban and rural areas. For these areas, a reverse osmosis filter system with a UV light sterilizer will be more ideal to avoid heavy contamination.

Water Pressure

Another big factor to consider is water pressure, which needs to be enough in order to push the source water through the system’s membrane and filter off any contamination for clean water.

Most urban housing water systems will meet the minimum water pressure requirement for reverse osmosis systems, reaching a pressure level of over 40 PSI. However, if source water pressure falls below 40 PSI, it’s best to get a system that includes a booster pump.

Quality of Filtration

There are many different types of pre- and post-filters that will affect the overall efficiency of the reverse osmosis system, apart from the membrane filter. You can measure the overall effectiveness of your filter system using a TDS measure, along with WQA and NSF certifications and the local Consumer Confidence Reports, all of which will give you a clear picture of your area’s water quality and the filtration quality of your system.

Keeping these in mind, you can find the right reverse osmosis water filter system.

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