Unexpected Cultural Experiences in the Deep South

by | May 7, 2019 | Business

The heart of Texas is well-known for its cowboy culture. People who visit here expect to encounter cattle ranches, barbecues, rodeos, and other quintessential Texan experiences. They do not anticipate coming across thriving vineyards or wineries in this part of the state.

However, when you want to embark on a memorable wine tour Texas might be just the place for you to do so. The vineyards and wineries here rival anything you could find in Napa Valley, Italy, and other places that are known for their wine cultures.

When you take a wine tour Texas tourists like you may be surprised to discover the array of vineyards growing in this part of the state. Texas has a rich agricultural history and is famous for growing cash crops like wheat, corn, and soybeans. However, when people think of vineyards and grapes, they do not expect Texas to be a place where this type of crop thrives.

However, as you can tell when touring wineries and vineyards in Texas, grapes of all varieties grow quite well in the heart of this state. Winery owners enjoy harvesting grapes that are made to create dozens of different kinds of wines. They do not have to import grapes from states like California or Oregon in order to make their hallmark products.

Further, while Texas may be a place where you expect to see country music concerts and rodeos, it is also becoming well-known for hosting live entertainment events at the numerous wineries in the state. You can enjoy outdoor concerts by folk singers, family musical groups, and other performers. The concerts do not always showcase the honky-tonk or classic country songs that are synonymous with Texas.

Because Texas wine tours are growing in popularity, you may want to book yours now. Tours are hosted all year long.

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