The Ancient Legacy Of Bronze Imparts Profound Cultural Meaning To Signs And Other Objects

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Trophy shop

Bronze plaques, signage, markers and other objects are known to last for centuries. In fact, the oldest known sculpture made of bronze dates to 2,500 B.C. In certain locations around Europe, a few bronze markers still remain from the time the Romans invaded these regions some 2,000 years ago.

Suffice it to say that bronze signs last a long time. That’s why choosing a custom bronze signs is an investment that can be said to last effectively forever. A frequent alternative to bronze is aluminum. It’s true that aluminum can last as long as bronze, but aluminum is a softer metal that tends to lose it luster while bronze does not.

By the way, bronze is essentially an alloy made from copper mixed with tin. The copper dominates the composition, however. Bronze is about 88% copper and 12% tin.

The application for custom bronze signs is wide ranging. For example, the well-established Saxton Bronze of Glendale, California, offers grave markers, historic recognition signs, cast religious icons, donor recognition trees, memorial urns, cast letters, etched metal signs, waterjet cut letters, military seals and much more.

When most people think bronze, they picture a certain tone of brown, but bronze objects can be black, brown, green, “natural” and other variations of tone. Pigmentations are manipulated in the casting process to imbue the metal with alternate coloring.

Perhaps the greatest character of bronze is it’s psychological power in the sense that this substance imparts a feeling of permanence, antiquity, nobility, strength and even reverence. Human beings have been using bronze for thousands of years. Over the centuries, bronze has accumulated an aura that signifies something deeply important, powerful and meaningful. That’s why signs, historic markers, military plaques, park statues of important people and more benefit from the deep cultural legacy embodied by the special quality of bronze.

Saxton Bronze has been casting bronze creations since 1947. The company website,, offers voluminous, helpful information on the many ways bronze objects can be custom designed for dozens of purposes.

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