Network Security Certification by ICoHS

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Education

The network security business is one of the most in demand occupations of today. The importance of a secure network is very important in maintaining order and safety when it comes to business, military, aerospace and many other work environments. If you are looking to better your life by education, as well as learn about the qualities of network security, there is just the network security certification program California to consider attending. ICOHS, a non-profit accredited school located in San Diego in downtown Little Italy is one of the best schools you could consider attending if you are considering changing your life by education.

ICoHS International College was founded originally by Doug Peterson in 1984 as an Institute of Health Sciences. In 1990, the school changed its name to The School of Healing Arts in order to better reflect the community oriented vision holistic health has to offer. For more than 30 years, the School of Healing Arts has been a key factor in helping its students receive training in the fields of Eastern and Western approach to nutrition, herbs, massage, exercise, and many other holistic health modalities.

As ICoHS continues to change, in 2018 the name changing to ICoHS International College, the school is proud to offer new programs like the Computer Technician program, all for the purpose of giving exciting career paths to those wishing to improve and change their lives.

ICoHS has decades of study, with academic innovation and professional experience which provides the sources needed for students to succeed at life. With a close eye on progress, and an environment created that springs life-long relationships, the instructors at ICoHS have a main goal of striving to provide an experience that includes fun, personal insights, and academic greatness. So if you are looking for a network security certification program California, you should definitely consider ICoHS.

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