Learn Why and When You Should Use a Surfcasting Rod in Oakdale

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Are you thinking of doing some saltwater fishing around the waters of New York? If so, you may be considering buying a surfcasting rod. These rods are the basis of saltwater fishing. In fact, they are specially manufactured to withstand the tough environments associated with saltwater environments. However, you should understand what makes a quality surfcasting rod so that you invest your money wisely.

What They Are For

As the name itself suggests, these rods are used for fishing from the surf. In some cases, anglers may even wade into the water to cast lines from Tsunami Airwave rods. However you do it, surf fishing has one main requirement: You must fish a saltwater source from a shoreline or rock jetties. If you fall into this category of fisher, you can benefit from using a surfcasting rod in Oakdale, NY.

What a Surfcaster Rod Looks Like

The first thing you’re likely to notice about surfcasting rods is their incredible length. They look like they were created for a fisherman who is also a giant. Yet, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the long length of these rods. The extra inches help a surfcasting angler to extend out the cast. The long length of the cast means that the bait will end up in deeper waters. This will give the fisherman the best chance of catching certain species of fish. Of course, there’s no point to saltwater fishing if you can’t get the fish you want!

How to Use a Surfcasting Rod

Surfcasting differs a little bit from normal fishing. The angler will have to use a two-handed technique to cast out the rod. Again, this is because surfcasting rods are a lot longer and heavier. You’ll also find that you have to use different muscles in your body to cast correctly. In the end, with surfcasting, you’ll have to put in a lot more work.

Some experienced surfcasters use a pendulum style movement which helps them stretch out the cast even more. With this technique, it is possible to achieve casts of several hundred feet. The first step is to get a hold of a surfcasting rod so that you can practice.

Choosing a Surfcasting Rod

There are many different models of surfcasting rods to choose from. You may even end up choosing one of the Tsunami Airwave rods. Make a wise decision so that you can get off on the right foot.

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