Why to Choose a Spotting Scope Over Binoculars

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Business

If you are a hunter and you’re still using binoculars, you might be surprised by what a difference using a spotting scope can make. These scopes offer the same benefits of your trusty binoculars while supplementing your rifle scope and even working with a laser rangefinder. If you hunt from a long distance, we want to share exactly why a spotting scope should be in your arsenal, so you can start looking at spotting scope reviews to find the right one.

Level of Zoom Power

While binoculars have zoom power, the truth is that spotting scopes do it better. When using a set of binoculars, each side is a miniature telescope which means that a constant precise synchronization of each is impossible. Even with the best quality binoculars, there will be some amount of lag when you use the zoom. This also means that getting an exact magnification can be challenging. With a spotting scope, this isn’t the case as they are a single monocular.

Higher Portability

You might be surprised to know that spotting scopes have been evolving over the years and no longer are an issue when it comes to carting them around. Many manufacturers offer convenient methods for taking your scope with you, including being strapped to your shoulders until you need them. There are also increasingly portable tripods available that take up little space yet offer the balance and precision you want while hunting. Look for adjustable non-slip feet and a medium-weight for sturdiness but easy movement.

Strength in Low Light

With the larger objective lenses that you find on spotting scopes, you’ll also find that scopes have another advantage over binoculars. If you are the type of person who enjoys hunting after hours, you want the best light transmittance possible for the best sight. The prism glass and large objective lens enhance the transmission of light which gives you clearer and brighter images, something binocular cannot promise you.

There are many reasons to make the switch from binoculars to spotting scopes and once you make the change, you will likely never go back. If you are looking into purchasing your first spotting scope, you can trust the spotting scope reviews from A&W Outlets. You can learn more about what scopes are all about and find the one that fits your needs the best at AWOutlets.com.

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