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by | Sep 10, 2018 | Business

Film and production service companies are no longer limited to the historic centers of film excellence. Today, the film production industry can be found anywhere in the world.

The exponential growth of the industry has resulted in the increasing demand for video subtitling. Both the hearing impaired and non-deaf community need these services. Subtitling can be done in the language that was used during firm production, or in a completely different language for entirely different markets.

There are valid reasons why video subtitling is important.

Learning a New Language

Many people are keen on learning a new language. With on-screen subtitles, a person can carefully listen to the spoken word and match what is heard with the translated caption in his or her native language.

Communicating with the Hearing Impaired Community

In the absence of an ASL interpreter, subtitles act as a substitute. When the hard of hearing are watching TV or a video, they follow the subtitles and tend to act accordingly. This helps those that are hard of hearing to be included with the audience that can hear.

Foreign Audience

Video subtitling is another form of translation services. The message is precise and delivered directly to the audience. Subtitles are used to convert one language to another language without losing the intent or changing the meaning. It becomes easy for an audience to understand movies or videos that are acted using a foreign language. Subtitles are known to be the most precise and quickest form of translation.


Every place is not quiet. If you are watching a video in a noisy environment, such as a factory, it can be difficult to hear what the presenter is saying. Video subtitling is extremely important; no words are missed, which cannot be said if the audience is relying on hearing alone.

If you are presenting a video to a foreign country, you need video subtitling. Chromavision services include translations and subtitles in numerous languages. For more information, visit Follow us on twitter.

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