5 Top Tips to Choosing a Boat Dock

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Business

Choosing a boat dock in Buford GA can be easier than you think. Here are top tips you’ll probably want to put to good use:

Know why

What do you intend to use that dock for? Is it for long-term storage? That’s going to influence the shape and style you’ll go for, says CabinLife. Do you want the dock space for easy access to the water? There are a lot of reasons to check out dock options in the area.

Do the math

How much does it take to use the space? Does it make sense to keep paying that amount? If you only use the dock a couple of times a year—or even less—it might be prudent to forego one. That or to look for a storage solution that won’t cost you an arm and a leg all while still giving you what you need.

Clean it

Before you put your boat in storage, clean it thoroughly. Remove the bilge drain plug then scrub the decks and hull. That should get rid of the grime, barnacles, slime and more that have stuck to the surface.

Dry it completely

It’s best to dry out your boat completely before you even think about putting it in storage. If the water hasn’t dried, that could result in moisture problems like mildew. Keep it from happening by checking that your boat is thoroughly before you put it in a boat dock in Buford GA.

Go for short-term leases

If you aren’t quite sure of how long you’ll need it for or if you’re only interested in putting that dock in storage for a short while, then check if the company offers short-term leases. That’s going to help you find storage solutions that are right for your needs and budget.

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