3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Copy Protected Blu Ray Services

by | May 28, 2021 | Business

Recently, more and more people have been switching to digital media. This is a trend that has come with both pros and cons. There are many benefits to going digital, but there are also some downsides, such as piracy. Digital content can be copied from one device to another almost instantly without any loss in quality or sound – meaning you never really own the content you purchase digitally. If this sounds like something your business needs protection from (or would rather not deal with at all), then copy-protected Blu-Ray services could be an option for you! This blog post will go over 3 reasons why it’s important for your business to use these types of services.

Protected Blu Ray Discs Are the Newest and Most Advanced Way to Distribute Your Content
There are many reasons why businesses need to distribute their content on a physical medium, such as Blu-Ray discs. One main reason is that digital media doesn’t last forever – it can be copied infinitely with no loss of quality or sound and has the potential for data corruption if not properly stored.

Blu Ray Discs Have a Longer Life Span Than Other Media, Making Them Ideal for Archiving
One of the other main reasons why businesses should use Blu-Ray discs for their content is how long they last. Blu-rays can be read and played on most modern devices, making them ideal to distribute your business’s legacy documents or events that you want viewable in the future.

Copy Protected Blu Rays Do Not Require Any Additional Software or Hardware to Be Installed on the Viewer’s Computer
One of the advantages of using copy-protected Blu-Ray discs is that no additional software or hardware needs to be installed on your viewer’s computer. This means they can watch it from their personal system, without having any third-party pieces needed for playback.

If you’re interested in leveraging copy-protected Blu-Ray technology, then visit Chromavision to learn more or contact them at 212-686-7366 today.

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