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Funeral Ceremonies Offered by Local Funeral Homes in Antioch

A traditional funeral at a local funeral home in Antioch is the most common ceremony after a loved one’s demise. It consists of three main events:

  • A memorial service
  • A committal or burial service
  • Direct cremation

Let’s look at what each of these services entails.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is meant to review the memories of the deceased. However, unlike the traditional funeral, the body is not present. Usually, the service is held after cremation. The family gets ample time to plan and prepare for the event as it does not require the body to be transported to the event.

Committal Service

Also referred to as a burial service, a committal service is often held at the gravesite. Some families only allow a select number of people to attend. Ensure the funeral home has enough space to accommodate everyone you expect to attend.

Burial or Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is more affordable than a traditional funeral. The family can then prepare for a memorial service after cremation.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in and look at questions you should ask the local funeral homes in Antioch.

Common Questions

What is the total cost?

Different funeral homes offer varying funeral service fees. Inquire about them beforehand to cushion the family from unexpected financial responsibilities. It’s also recommended to consult the funeral director when budgeting to ensure that all your needs and the deceased’s wishes are met.

What documents are required?

One of the important steps when planning for a memorial service is providing the funeral director with information about the deceased. Provide these documents in advance to avoid any delays.

Most funeral homes also allow family members to select the music to be played at the memorial service and special pictures for display at the venue. Talk to your funeral director about what is required at least three days before the memorial service.

What are the payment options?

Funeral homes offer clients multiple payment options. They also factor in insurance policies and will ensure that if the deceased was a veteran, they are accorded the benefits they are entitled to from the government.


When searching for a local funeral home in Antioch, consider the Holy Cross Cemetery & Funeral Center. We offer a clear perspective of what all our services entail. Allow us to support you as you lay your loved one to rest.