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What You Should Know Before Buying Vertical Lift Modules in California

What You Should Know Before Buying Vertical Lift Modules in California

Many automatons exist in the warehouse, manufacturing, or distribution environment, and vertical lift modules are becoming the most popular. A vertical lift module (VlM) is an enclosed, automated, high-density storage and retrieval system.

It comes with two shelf racks at the back and front, plus an inserter or extractor system in the middle. The extractor or inserter responds to commands, delivering and retrieving trays to an operator or picker at a workstation. That operation makes VLMs qualify as Goods to Person systems.

When picking trays, the VLM will retrieve and store them at designated positions or automatically assign one based on accessibility or using the least space.

Shopping for vertical lift modules in California can be challenging, but it helps to know a few essential things before you start.

Features To Review

Construction details

Ensure you examine different structural components to understand their quality and construction design. Trays are among the most important, so you should consider their support. Determine whether they were made externally and placed within the machine or welded directly into the machine.

You should also check if the trays are constructed using various steel pieces riveted together or bent steel.

Drive systems

VLMs can use belt, chain, or gear systems. The best drive system depends on the required horsepower and your business applications.


VLM software enables capabilities like storage optimization, batch picking, and slotting optimization. Your VLM software must integrate seamlessly with your warehouse management or ERP system.

VLM Benefits

  • Saves floor space
  • Increases productivity
  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduces labor requirements
  • Increased flexibility
  • Maximum storage capacity and density
  • Enhanced safety features

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