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Types of Horse Training Methods | A 2023 Guide

Horse training methods come in a wide variety, including natural horsemanship, positive reinforcement, and clicker training.

While more recent approaches use incentives to promote desirable behaviors, conventional methods frequently concentrate on gaining control.

The ideal method will ultimately rely on the trainer’s objectives and the horse’s character and learning preferences. So, let’s take a look at the different horse training methods.

Traditional Horse Training

Since we first began domesticating horses, an approach based on conventional horse training has emerged. As you might expect, it required the use of early styles of bits, bridles, and reins to restrain and train the horse.

Traditional techniques were later utilized for cavalry horses across military history. Organizations like the British Horse Society are using conventional instructional techniques today.

Dressage Horse Training

To perform dressage horse training, it is ideal for him to have three free-balanced, elastic, and regular gaits:

  • A two-beat trot with a suspension period between every diagonal beat
  • Afour-beat walk with no moment of suspension

Natural Horsemanship

Natural horsemanship emphasizes understanding the psychology of horses and motivating them to comply with your requests.

It steers your horse while allowing him to formulate ideas independently using pressure and release techniques. Individuals sometimes claim that natural horsemanship involves less micromanagement of your horse than conventional training techniques.

So, experiment with the numerous horse training methods, seek expert advice, and, if possible, enroll in a horse training course like ‘Happy Horse Happy Life’ to learn what’s best for you and your horse.