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What Does The Best Wine List in Scottsdale, AZ Include?

Anyone who likes wine in Scottsdale has plenty of options. You could try multiple places over several months and still not try them all. How do you know if an establishment has the best wine list in Scottsdale, AZ? The answer comes down to the right amount of choices, reasonable prices, and high-quality options.

Traditional Wine For Any Occasion

Some restaurants can get too fancy and forget that sometimes people want a simple glass of white wine with their dinner. So when searching for the best wine list in Scottsdale, AZ, make sure it has some traditional options you’re used to. These options pair well with your dinner or if you’re just having a glass of wine with a friend after a long day.

Reserve Wine For Special Occasions

When celebrating a special occasion, you might choose a Reserve wine that’s a cut above the other options. The best wine list should include a few Reserve options to satisfy your tastes and needs. These options are a little pricier than the others, but the quality you receive in return is unmatched.

Happy Hour Pricing

Always look for an establishment that offers happy hour pricing on select wine. This deal allows you to try different wine options at lower prices to decide which type you like. Many people discover they like a specific type of wine they didn’t think they would enjoy simply because they tried it during happy hour.

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