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How Do You Know It’s Time for a New Fire Alarm Installation in Chicago?

Nothing lasts for all time, and that includes the aging fire alarm at your place of business. There are signs indicating that you need to call in an expert and start looking at a few replacement options. If any of the following is happening, now is the time to talk with a pro about a new fire alarm installation in Chicago.

How old is the current system? If it’s been in place for more than a decade, be aware that newer systems have features that were not available way back when. Those additional features could come in handy if a fire broke out.

Another point to ponder is the overall performance of your current system. How well did it do during the last safety check? If the overall performance has slipped in the last year or so, it makes sense to replace it now. Doing so will mean there’s no chance of a system failure at the worst possible time.

Did you know that replacement parts for older systems are harder to find today? The last thing you need is for an essential component to fail and find that getting the part needed will be difficult at best and impossible at worst. A new fire alarm installation in Chicago means having access to a steady supply of replacement parts if and when they are needed.

If you’re not sure, have a professional inspect the current system. Based on the findings, it may be in your best interests to invest in a new system as quickly as possible.

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