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Skills You Need as a Sous Chef and How to Find Flexible Work in the USA

If you are considering entering the culinary world, you should investigate sous chef jobs. These leaders work directly under the executive chef. To be successful in this career, you must be able to multitask and work well with others.

Job Requirements

As a sous chef, part of your responsibility will be to supervise the kitchen and staff. You must watch over each prep station and ensure all plating meets the head chef’s standards. Before the cooks hand a dish over to the waitstaff, you may need to inspect it and give it the final approval.


As a sous chef, be prepared to prep and cook. Most of the time, your staff will work together, but if something happens or the kitchen becomes overwhelmed, you must take up the slack. Some sous chefs also schedule cooks and auxiliary staff, so you may have control over how many workers you have on each shift. Your role also requires you to maintain workplace safety.

Leadership Skills

Having impeccable cooking skills is a must, but to be a sought-after sous chef, you will need to be able to lead a variety of personalities. This requires good communication skills and the ability to withstand time pressures. If you can adapt to the ebb and flow of kitchen life, you will be a valuable asset to an executive chef.

Finding Work

As you begin your search for sous chef jobs, you may find you are best suited for gig-style shifts, which means you can work on your schedule and in various environments. For more information on gig hours, visit BenchConnect at