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When Should Homeowners Replace Their Electrical Wiring in Austin, Texas

Electrical wiring may need to be replaced for several different reasons. If a homeowner has any signs that they have an issue with their wiring, they should contact an electrician as soon as possible. Faulty electrical wiring can cause fires. Several signs indicate electrical wiring in Austin needs to be replaced.

Older Home

If the home is over thirty years old, the wiring in the home is outdated and can pose a fire risk. The electrical wiring that was used at that time was not up to the standards of today. Some older electrical wiring has a cloth coating which is a huge fire risk and an electric shock risk.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

A breaker tripping occasionally is normal, and usually caused by a power surge or a faulty piece of equipment. However, if a homeowner notices that the wiring is constantly tripping, or they are frequently blowing fuses, it is time to have a visit from an electrical contractor.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

If a homeowner notices that their lights flicker or dim when they turn on one of their appliances, this is an indicator that something in the wiring is not functioning as it should. They should consider getting their electrical wiring in Austin upgraded.

Stained Outlets

Stained or discolored electrical outlets are an indicator that there are surges of power in the home. This is a fire risk and should be addressed as quickly as possible.

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