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What to Consider Before Enrolling in an AHA CPR Instructor Course?

If you’re considering enrolling in an AHA CPR instructor course, there are a few things you need to know. The classes are a great way to earn extra income and pursue professional development through certifying as a CPR instructor. Keep these considerations in mind when deciding if this is the right path for you.

Choose the Right Course

When deciding which course to take, choosing the one that’s right for you is essential. The course descriptions and details can lead you in the right direction. Most classes focus on how to care for adults, children, or infants. Some are designed for healthcare professionals, and others are designed for non-healthcare professionals. There is also a course designed just for medical students.

Consider Location and Scheduling

If a course requires a daytime instructor-led skill session, consider the schedule. Some classes have time constraints, so you must plan your schedule around the instructor-led session. An alternative would be finding an AHA CPR instructor that offers night or weekend options.

Price and Length

The price and length of the course are essential considerations. Price is based on the number of hours you will spend in class. Length is based on the number of hours you will spend in a classroom. The more hours you spend in classes and the higher the class size, the more expensive it will be. Consider looking at a shorter, less expensive course if you’re on a budget. However, lengthy sessions may be more detailed and provide more hands-on experience.

AHA CPR instructor courses are worth considering. Select and schedule the best class for you. AHA CPR certifications allow you to make extra money, develop professionally, and teach others how to save lives.