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How to Plan an Intervention for a Loved One in Garden Grove, CA

Do you have a friend, family member, or coworker who is struggling with addiction? The last resort for helping someone with a substance abuse disorder is to stage an intervention. An intervention involves a person’s loved ones gathering to confront them about their addiction and offer support. Here are three tips from intervention specialists in Garden Grove, CA to help you help someone you love.

Select a Group of Friends and Family

The first step in staging an intervention is to gather a group of the person’s closest friends and family. If the person is a loved one, distant relative, or acquaintance, you may want to let those who are closer to them guide the intervention. Everyone involved should write a message to the person to express their concern and feelings.

Choose a Date and Time

Once you have established an intervention group, the next step is to choose a specific date and time to hold the intervention. According to intervention specialists in Garden Grove, CA, you should choose a time when your loved one is most likely to be clear-headed and in a good mood.

Rehearse the Intervention

It’s important to rehearse your intervention beforehand to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Have everyone practice delivering their message to your loved one, and let the group offer advice and critique. Remember to set up an option for your loved one to immediately enter rehab after the intervention.