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Understanding the Necessity of Installing Proper Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a very important feature in anyone’s home. Flashing is a thin flat piece of metal. It may be simple in its construction, but it serves a necessary purpose. It’s used to keep water and moisture from coming inside the house.

It is used to waterproof protrusions and the perimeter of a roofing system. It works by converting the water away from joints and seams where cracks in the roof can let water in. It goes over the payment material, but it’s placed under the shingles where you won’t see it. There are several areas where you’ll want to have roof flashing installed.


Skylights will either come with the flashing included or have a raised wood curb that leaves room for flashing.


Flashing is needed around the base of every chimney. It is important to keep this area seemed so that your interior stays dry.


Flashing needs to be installed around all good and pipe vents.


You’ll want roof flashing wherever two sloped roofs meet and create an angle. These valleys are notorious for allowing moisture inside.

These are by no means the only places where flashing can be used. Whether you are having your home newly constructed or simply want to make sure your existing roof is sealed properly, you’ll want a professional contractor to evaluate the roof and determine where roof flashings need to be installed. Visit SAMS Fabrications Ltd. at to learn more about having custom roof flashings created for you.