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Solving West Bend, WI Residential Well Water Problems With Iron Filters

Households in municipalities usually don’t have noticeable iron in the water. Outside the city, though, well water may contain enough of this mineral to cause problems. There might be a metallic taste along with orange stains on plumbing fixtures. Iron can cause light-colored fabric to gradually become dingy or develop a brownish cast after numerous washings. Iron filters in West Bend, WI resolve these issues.

Why Iron Occurs in Tap Water

Iron occurs in groundwater for the same reason other minerals do, although calcium and magnesium are significantly more common. Rainfall and melting snow result in water traveling through soil and around rocks. If the soil or rocks contain iron, some can dissolve into the water.

Iron Bacteria

In addition to the usual problems caused by iron in tap water, a certain amount of bacteria can result in an unpleasant odor. People often think that odor is sulfur when iron bacteria content actually is the culprit. The only effective way to remove the mineral and the unwanted smell is the use of iron filters from West Bend, WI suppliers.

Sink vs. Whole-House Filters

Some homeowners choose to have a filter only for the kitchen faucet so they can use this water for drinking and cooking without any iron content. However, that doesn’t resolve the problem of having too much of this mineral in the laundry, showers, bathtubs and toilets. Without a whole-house filtration system, staining will occur and bacteria will continue causing disagreeable odors.

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