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Ketamine Therapy in Denver, CO for Treatment-Resistant Depression

The percentage of U.S. residents dealing with depression is difficult to determine since statistics vary widely depending on the study. The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates the prevalence at about 8%. That’s more than 20 million individuals, many of whom suffer from treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine therapy in Denver CO offers new hope for patients in this situation.

Relevant Statistics

Researchers estimate that around 30% of people with major depressive disorder do not respond effectively to the standard treatment of antidepressant medication. The same is true when treatment includes talk therapy. Some experience a reduction in symptoms while still continuing to cope with a certain amount of depression that negatively affects their quality of life. Ketamine infusion therapy in Denver, CO may be the answer.

About Ketamine Therapy

This medication is a hallucinogenic that may cause visions, auditory hallucinations, delusional thinking and sensations like out-of-body experiences. Ketamine therapy in Denver CO takes place at the center under the supervision of qualified healthcare practitioners. This ensures a safe and supportive environment. During a counseling session in the near future, the patient has the chance to discuss the experience and insights that may have occurred.

For Best Results

For best results, patients typically receive ketamine infusion therapy in Denver, CO at least a few times over the course of several weeks, with counseling appointments soon afterward. Many individuals report noteworthy improvements after just one session, but continued positive results can often be achieved.

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