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6 Factors Before Choosing a Storage Racking Solution

Proper shelving can resolve many of your warehouse problems. Here’s what you need to know if you’re shopping around for a storage racking system. Consider these factors if you want to streamline your warehouse operations.


Think about the cost per pallet. Check out industrial storage racks that can give the shelving solution you need while staying on top of your budget. Don’t go for the cheapest option around, though. The shelving might be cutting corners in terms of quality. Pick a long-term solution, not a stop-gap measure.

Floor Utilization

Before you pick a storage racking solution, check the way it makes use of every available inch of the floor. Does it utilize your floor space to the fullest?

Storage Utilization

How much space can you utilize with your storage racking system? The weight, size, and shape of your inventory will determine your decision. If you have an irregularly sized item or product, you’ll need to think about that when you check out storage solutions.

Forklift Accessibility

Some storage solutions require the use of forklifts. If that’s the case for you, though, you’ll need to factor that into the size of the lanes in your warehouse. On the other hand, there are shelving options that allow the pallets to flow into the picking faces, which requires no forklifts. You’ll want to check out those options to see which one best suit your needs.


Do you need a racking system that can accommodate a wider range of items or goods? Or do you only handle one type of inventory? That will affect your choices, too.


Is the racking solution easy to scale? If you decide to expand your operations in the future or have plans to, can that racking system support the changes and upgrades? Can it grow along with your company?