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4 Winning Strategies for Online Poker Players

Learn from the best. Poker-playing tips from experts can help you improve your skills. Try these suggestions before jumping into poker games with high stakes and bigger prizes.

Beat the Micro Stakes First
Games with low stakes sound the furthest thing from tempting. But if you’ve only recently tried poker or are struggling to win, this is the best place. Think of it as a training ground. Smashing the lower limits will help you learn the basics and prepare you for high-stakes poker. Once you beat the micro stakes, you stand a better chance of winning when you play poker for real money in India at mid-stakes or high stakes.

Start with a Raise Preflop
When you enter the pot preflop, do it with a raise. This may seem like an unwise approach if you’re coming from live poker games since limping is more common in those games. But online poker limping isn’t as popular a practice. Stronger players will isolate you if you limp in your games, making it much harder to win after the flop. Avoid this situation by starting with a raise. When you raise, you take greater control of the pot preflop, so you give yourself more chances to win.

Be Wary of 4-Bets
In micro stakes, be on your guard when players place 4-bets. That tends to mean that they have strong hands. If you encounter this situation, it’s better to fold unless you have an insanely strong hand yourself. If that’s not the case, fold.

Don’t Bluff Too Much
When you bluff too much, especially in micro stakes, you can lose an opportunity to use that later. Keep it for a critical moment if possible. This move usually works best when people least expect it, so wait for the right moment before you strike.