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Total Dominance at High Fence Ranches in Seguin, TX – The Way of the Hunt

Deer hunting is like a game of chess. To be dominant, you’ll need the upper hand, primal instincts, wit, and a secret weapon.

Stealth – A Deer Hunter’s Secret Weapon

There are many familiar scents in the wild, so if you fail to blend in with the surroundings, the deer will sense your presence like a radar. Fancy perfumes, detergents, and soaps smell good to you, but they can serve as beacons for deer. If they can smell you, they will stop in their tracks. Then, they will be on high alert.

To invoke the essence of the wild, bathe with scent-free soap, and wear odorless hunting gear during the hunt. If you have gear that smells too fresh, you can get rid of the odor by washing the items in baking soda.

Be One with Nature

Although deer hunting is not a fast-paced activity, you can still work up a sweat. Basically, if you wear the wrong gear, you’re going to sweat. Sweat has a powerful odor, so if you fail to control it during a hunt, it will blow your cover. To avoid this, always pick the right gear that suits the weather. On a hot day, gear up with lightweight, breathable fabrics, and when the temperature drops, wear less layers.

Unleash the Warrior at a High Fence Ranch in Seguin, TX

If you have the will to hunt, be tactical and explore world of high fence ranches in Seguin, TX. To get started, contact Legacy Ranch at