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Landscaping Tips: 5 Benefits of Tree Trimming for St. Petersburg, FL

Homeowners who want the trees in their landscaping to last a long while without problems make tree trimming in St. Petersburg, FL, a part of their landscaping routines. Read on to learn more about the benefits of giving trees a little trim.

1. Get Rid of Dead Branches

Getting rid of dead branches protects the tree and people’s properties. A dead branch won’t “hang around” forever. Eventually, it will come loose from the tree. Depending on its size and location, it could harm the tree’s other branches or even fall on a house or car.

2. Exposes the Tree to the Light

Crown thinning is a technique that removes weak branches and allows more light to penetrate through to all the tree branches. Thinning helps the tree grow faster.

3. Detects Diseases Early

Regular tree trimming exposes diseases and helps arborists maintain trees better. The earlier diseases are caught, the more options exist that work to preserve the tree.

4. Adds Value

Whether one plans to sell their home or stay in it for many years, adding value is always a good idea. Unkept trees give homes a disheveled appearance and quickly diminish their value.

5. It’s Cost Effective

Property damage caused by downed trees isn’t something anyone wants to endure. Getting ahead of the problem and getting rid of dead branches before they cause problems is better.

For more information about the benefits of tree trimming in St. Petersburg, FL, contact the team at Happy’s Tree Service online at their website.