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What Is Real-Time Drilling and Why Does it Matter?

Oil drilling is a costly endeavor where even a simple mistake can have significant financial consequences. Within the industry, new techniques and technologies have routinely been created and adopted to streamline processes, improve productivity, and reduce costs. One key technology that has propelled the industry forward is real-time drilling. This solution has vastly improved processes, increased safety and productivity, and lowered costs for many oil and gas companies.

How Does It Work?

Real-time drilling involves carefully tracking and sensor data log to provide critical information that engineers and operators can use to optimize operations. The process begins before drilling starts by helping companies to select the best location to set up operations. Next, by providing an integrated workflow, the software provides a clear picture of the subsurface conditions, which enables companies to drill safely and efficiently. Typically, the software works through an app that features real-time alerts and notifications to streamline processes and ensure prompt action if something goes wrong.

Reducing Uncertainty to Ensure Best Results

With the information gathered before drilling seamlessly integrated with real-time drilling data collected 24/7, companies can track progress instantly. Moreover, your team can quickly make adjustments to ensure productivity and reduce uncertainty at the same time.

Real-Time Data

Real-time drilling relies heavily on a constant stream of information feed to improve drilling operations. Failing to monitor the forces and friction that exist between the wellbore wall and the drill string, hydraulic conditions, and other factors can have disastrous results in terms of both production and costs. Bardasz offers a real-time drilling software solution that implements critical data components to streamline the process, so you can keep a close eye on your operations. For that reason and others, more companies are discovering the value of real-time drilling to enhance productivity, keep their workers safe, and reduce errors.

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