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5 Things Before Choosing a Grant Management Solution

Finding the best grant management solution makes a difference in your revenue and bottom line. If you’re looking for ways to make it easier to create grants and process applications, you need features that increase accuracy and efficiency. Consider the following advice to help you find what you need.

Assess Your System

How do you manage grants right now? What are the holes in your current system? What problems and challenges do you need to address with your new system? What solution will help your team perform at greater efficiency levels? Answering those questions will help you determine which grants management system works for your organization.

Don’t Compromise

List what you need and want from a system. Use that as a reference when you explore your options. Don’t be tempted into choosing the cheapest system you can find. Those solutions might not be enough to meet your needs or support your operations.

Look at the Features

Different organizations require different tools, solutions, and features. Research which options are convenient for you. Do you want customizable applications? How about a more efficient review process? You can also improve your workflow with administrative tools, such as post-funding reporting, invoice and payment tracking, and other features.

Consider Ease of Use

Is the system easy to use and simple enough to understand? Simplicity also encourages user adoption. If you want your team to learn the system quickly, look for a system that they can use with ease. If it’s tedious and too complicated, that will only bog down your process. Skip that and choose something else.

Check Vendor Responsiveness

If an issue comes up with the system, will the vendor extend assistance? You’ll want to ask about that beforehand so you know what to expect. That will also tell you if the company is responsive to customer inquiries and requests.